MVP Sports draft

The MVP Sports Draft is a free program offered by Cancer Fit, Inc. as part of our organizational objective of cancer survivor active lifestyle promotion. Here is a list of our MVP Teams.

The purpose of this program is to match childhood cancer survivors residing in Southern California with a high school or college sports team for a season. Participants in the MVP Sports Draft may come from a variety of backgrounds however they all share the fact that they are battling or have recently battled cancer.

Three young boys sitting on the floor with a basketball.


Who – Eligible participants in the MVP Sports Draft program are childhood cancer survivor’s between the ages of 8 & 18 who are within 5 years from completion of treatment.

Where – Currently this program is only open to residents of Southern California living between Santa Barbara and San Diego. Once we receive a request for team placement our team will search for a high school or college athletic team in their local area.

When – The MVP Sports Draft Program is open for enrollment throughout the year however, participants will be matched with a team for an upcoming sport season not for one that is currently in progress. As such, the best time to apply is during Summer or late Fall to provide adequate time for the matching process.

Cost – There is no required cost for participation by either the child’s family or the athletic team. Funding from grants and private donations have allowed Cancer Fit, Inc. to cover 100% of the cost required to run this special program.

A group of men in purple and yellow jerseys.

MVP Tyler Thompson

California Lutheran University Men's Volleyball
Winter 2015-2016
Tyler Thompson

A group of girls in white shirts and shorts.

MVP Grace Ellen

Viewpoint School with Girls Soccer Team
Winter 2015-2016
Grace Ellen Bumstead

A group of men standing on top of a soccer field.

MVP Nick Posadas

Newbury Park High School Boy's Soccer
Winter 2015-2016
Nick Posadas

A group of girls standing in front of a net.

MVP Sofia

California Lutheran University Women's Soccer
Fall 2015

A group of men standing on top of a soccer field.

MVP Sal Bollemo

California Lutheran University Men's Soccer
Fall 2015

A group of people standing next to each other.

Chico and Pepperdine Women's Soccer

The Pepperdine Women's Soccer Program
Fall 2015
Chico Ryder

A group of people standing around a table.

Brandon MVP

Newbury Park High School Football
Fall 2015
Brandon Taitai

A young man and his coach smile for the camera.

MVP Omar

University of California – Santa Barbara Men's Soccer
Fall 2015
Omar Placencia

Two men are hugging and one is holding a banana.

MVP Nathan

Los Angeles Galaxy
Spring 2015
Nathan Newman

A group of young men in yellow and purple baseball uniforms.

MVP Kyle

California Lutheran University Baseball
Kyle O'Connor

A group of people posing for a picture.

Nati MVP

Oaks Christian Softball
Nati Juanero

A group of young people posing for a picture.


UCLA Gymnastics
Parker Brockway

A group of men standing on top of a soccer field.


Oaks Christian Boys Soccer (High School)
Winter 2015
Ben Hillard

A group of men standing on top of a soccer field.


UC Riverside Men's Soccer
FALL 2014
Matthew Palacios

A group of men in white shirts posing for a picture.

MVP Dylan

California Lutheran University Men's Soccer
FALL 2014
Dylan Roslauski, Age 8

A group of young baseball players holding their helmets.

Madison MVP

Oaks Christian High School Baseball
Spring 2014